Bloons TD Battles Apk

Bloons TD Battles Apk

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The bloons TD battles was  designed for multiplayer combat and incorporate new tracks, incredible towers, 14 head to head tracks, defense boosts, and amazing upgrades. The game is also known as “BTDB”. The game was released on July 18, 2013. You can also download the Bloons TD 5 mobile for free on Google Play Store, App Store, Windows Store, and Steam. There some features that are unique for the mobile version like private matches that you can use a code to invite players on either Android or IOS. Beginners benefit from the CPU controlled tutorial that can be accessed at the beginning of the game. In the mobile version, players do not need to use energy and thus can do unlimited battles. A new tower exclusive to the bloons TD battles mobile was introduced on August 18, 2014, called the COBRA. It is not available in other titles as it was created exclusively for the mobile version. Download our Bloons TD Battles Apk here.

Bloons TD Battles Apk

How to Play Bloons TD Battles Apk

Bloons TD Battles was released on December 13, 2012, and was later introduced to Android and IOS phones in November 2013. The gameplay for Bloons TD battles is similar to other titles with the key difference being that it allows multiplayer gameplay. Two players compete against each other in the game’s three game modes. In the assault mode, the game becomes harder as you progress, but players can pause the game and purchase additional bloons and use this against opponents hence winning the game. Defense mode allows players to play in a natural way but the screen is split vertically. Download our Bloons TD Battles Apk Here.

While in defense mode players can spend monies and increase their incomes. Card battles mode enables players to use a selection of cards in the game. The cards play the role of placing down a tower and sending bloons onto the enemy which leads to the player earning additional income. The main objective of the game is to outlast the enemy by surviving the bloons attacks. The mobile version of the game has 5 non-PC towers, monkey sub, bloonchipper, monkey engineer, heli pilot, bloonchipper, and the exclusive tower called COBRA. Players can be matched against each other through the games skill-based matching system. The mobile version has many cool features and offers exciting gameplay. Download our Bloons TD Battles Apk Here.

In all the Bloons TD series, towers act defensive utility. Each tower serves a specific purpose like power, unique purpose and use. some of the towers can destroy certain bloons while leaving others. You can upgrade every tower to increase its capabilities and increase power. To do this one needs to purchase items using money from in-game currency shop. Money is earned by popping bloons at the end of each level. If you are playing bloons TD 4 you will notice that there are banana towers which produce more money in each round. Download Bloons TD Battles Apk Here.

Bloons TD Battles ApkBloons Tower Defense was one of the first games in the BTD title and appeared as a free flash browser game that was made available in 2007. Players are called upon to defend themselves against dart throwers, monkeys, and other towers that are positioned in different areas of the map. Stronger bloons release other bloons till they completely poop. The second version of BTD was released in 2007 and had additional multiple maps options, new towers, new bloons and the option to select the game difficulty level. Download our Bloons TD Battles Apk here.Bloons TD Battles Apk

Many of the critics like Wired Lore Sjoberg described the game as addictive and cheerful. He also described it as pop culture at its best. IGN Justin Davis in 2012 said that bloons tower defense is one of the best tower defense games in the market. He is also quoted as saying that the initial titles lacked depth but later sequels saw lots of improvements. Download our Bloons TD battles Apk Here.

Bloons TD 3 stood out from the crowd with its individual twists and game mechanics. Its mobile version was praised for its unique towers and good gameplay. Some criticized its controls, user interface, and lack of leaderboards. The game developers – Ninja Kiwi – have developed several spin-offs but the sequels are not numbered like the rest of the titles. Download our Bloons TD Battles Apk here.

How to Use Bloons TD Battles Apk

A spin-off of the bloons series, bloons TD battles offers awesome graphics and new features. You can play this cool, addictive game on your mobile phone by downloading our bloons TD battles Apk here. The download process is very simple and straightforward. Just press the download button here and the Apk files will be downloaded onto your phone. Run the App and you are ready to enjoy your favorite game. Our Apk does not cause any blockages or errors. In case you find difficulties downloading the game, change your app settings to allow downloads. The Apk helps you customize the game settings to suit your own preferences.

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