Bloons Tower Defense 5 Apk

Bloons Tower Defense 5 Apk

Get our Bloons tower defense 5 Apk

Bloons TD 5 is an updated version of BTD4 and comes with all your favorite towers with two additional brand new towers. Other features include new bloons types, new tracks with tunnels and moving parts, daily rewards, powerful special agent towers, special missions and daily challenges. The daily challenge enables players to play each other on a daily basis. The game was released on December 13, 2011, while the versions for IOS was made available on November 15, 2012. This had additional tracks, upgrades, bloons types and towers. It was made available on Steam on November 19, 2014. The daily challenge was added as a feature on January 27, 2012. The challenge enables the player to achieve certain goals while been rewarded with currency from the in-game shops. The monkey sub tower is included in the mobile version of BTD5. On July 23, 2015, the submarine was added on the mobile version. Download Bloons Tower Defense 5 Apk Here.

Bloons Tower Defense 5 Apk

How to Play Bloons Tower Defense 5 Game

Bloons Tower Defense 5 ApkThe main objective in all of the BTD games is to prevent bloons from accomplishing their mission of traveling through a defined track on the map. The game map consists of various entrances and exits and the player is tasked with the responsibility of placing more than one tower and traps on the tracks to prevent the bloons from reaching their destination. Every time you pop a bloon you earn a dollar. However, if the bloons complete their mission and reach the end of a track you lose lives or health and once all have been used up the game comes to an end. Bloons cannot deviate from the path allotted them in the map unless they are popped, reach an exit or are taken back to an earlier part of the track by a tower defense. Download our Bloons Tower Defense 5 Apk Here.

Two classes of gameplay exist in the bloons series – regular and the MOAB (Massive Ornary Air Blimp) class. Regular bloons are identified by their colors – blue, red, green, yellow, black, pink, lead, white, rainbow, zebra, ceramic, and purple. For the class bloons that take a blimp shape, they are represented by the MOAB, DDT, BFB, and ZOMG. Later titles for bloons have the regular bloons having a variety of characteristics like camo (this is hard to detect by the towers). They also have the ability to grow back to their original size and are resistant to certain towers. As you progress through the levels the intensity of the waves increases. Download our Bloons Tower Defense 5 Apk Here.

The main point of defense for any bloons game is the tower defense. Each of the tower present in the game serves a particular function in terms of power, purpose, and usage. You will notice that some of the bloons are very effective against a certain type of bloons but ineffective against another. You can upgrade your towers powers and capabilities by going to the in-game shop and using your money for purchases. Money is earned in the game as you pop bloons and complete levels. An addition to BTD4 is the banana tower that grows on farms and has the capability to produce money for the player during a round. Bloons Tower Defense 5 introduced multiple difficulty levels – four in the game while bloons monkey city had five. As the difficulty level in the game increases, the more expensive it is to upgrade a tower and less the lives that the player possesses. Maps are also rated based on difficulty levels. New versions of the game have more maps. Download our Bloons Tower Defense 5 Apk here.Bloons Tower Defense 5 Apk

Bloons Tower Defense 5 Reception

The game received a lot of positive reviews from gamers when it was released. Wired Lore Sjoberg found the game to be very addictive and cheerful while IGN Justin Davis found BTD5 to be one of the best tower defense games he had ever played. He later said that the initial titles lacked depth but the later titles rectified this. Since the game also had an IOS version most of the gamers were quoted as saying that they liked the unique towers and gameplay but the game fell short when it comes to controls, user interface and the lack of leaderboards. The game received a rating of 3.5/5 from GameZebo editor Jim Squires. Download our Bloons Tower Defense 5 Apk Here.

How to use our Bloons Tower Defense 5 Apk

The main aim of the game is to prevent bloons from reaching their designated points. Our Apk will help you build some of the best tower defense strategies and prevent this from happening. Using our Apk is very easy; all you will need to do is press the download button from our site and the files will automatically be downloaded onto your phone. In case this does not happen, check your App settings to allow downloads. You can use our editor to unlock a new bloons gaming world. Unlock new maps, levels and new towers that will take your gaming experience to the next level and make bloons very addictive.

Compatibility and security

When we were developing our bloons tower defense 5 Apk we wanted to include all users on the platform. That is why our Apk is compatible with almost all mobile phone – android and IOS included. We have taken our customer security very seriously and users will notice that our site is free from viruses and malware. Feel free and secure doing your download on our site.

Customer Support

We value all the customers who visit our site. If you do encounter any challenges when downloading the game, do not hesitate to contact any of our customer care teams who are available 24/7 to serve. Contact us through our e-mail address or our suggestion box.

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Having been in the industry for many years we have built a reputation as one of the best sites for gaming downloads. You will not experience any blockages or errors using our Apk.

Bloons Tower Defense 5 Apk

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